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Confidence in your finances & more money in your pocket. 

As an expert in small business administration, I understand the often overwhelming demands that business owners face. Financial tracking and management don't have to be an added stress to your business operations. I engage with entrepreneurs to meet you wherever you are at in the bookkeeping and finance cycle to interpret your financial outlook in order to create strategies tailored to your individual needs.

Account Reconciliation

Categorize transactions & reconcile accounts to balance number for number and ensure accuracy.

Accounts Receivable Management

Manage customer payments, invoicing, and outstanding balances. 

Quarterly Business Overview Meetings

A deeper dive into your financial data. Providing an industry analysis to interpret strategy goals for your business.

Financial Statements

Monthly and quarterly financial statements to determine your financial leverage and stay engaged with your financial outlook.

Financial Analytics

Analytics tailored specifically to your business and industry. Including financial, sales, and customer data. 

Tax Deduction Insight

Detailed tracking of potential deduction accounts. Reconciliations completed & prepared for your CPA at tax filing time.


Whether you are a start-up company stepping into the business world for the first time, or an experienced business owner seeking confidence in your finances -- we are here to walk alongside you. We incorporate refined processes to streamline your transactions and financial reporting. Communication and clarity are key fundamentals to optimizing financial success and I strive to build strong relationships with our clients. Additionally, we offer an analytics element that will provide an intensive look into your sales information, customer base, and data unique to your industry.

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