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We are here to proactively analyze and organize your financial position as a small business to ensure you feel confident in knowing where your money is at, all the time. 

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Confidence in your finances & more money in your pocket. 

As an expert in small business administration, I understand the often overwhelming demands that business owners face. Financial tracking and management don't have to be an added stress to your business operations. I engage with entrepreneurs to meet you wherever you are at in the bookkeeping and finance cycle to interpret your financial outlook in order to create strategies tailored to your individual needs.

Account Reconciliation

Categorize transactions & reconcile accounts to balance number for number and ensure accuracy.

Accounts Receivable Management

Manage customer payments, invoicing, and outstanding balances. 

Quarterly Business Overview Meetings

A deeper dive into your financial data. Providing an industry analysis to interpret strategy goals for your business.

Financial Statements

Monthly and quarterly financial statements to determine your financial leverage and stay engaged with your financial outlook.

Financial Analytics

Analytics tailored specifically to your business and industry. Including financial, sales, and customer data. 

Tax Deduction Insight

Detailed tracking of potential deduction accounts. Reconciliations completed & prepared for your CPA at tax filing time.

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Collective Pursuit is a fast-paced bookkeeping firm inspired by the success of our hardworking clients. We value personal connection with the businesses we work with and strive to provide deeper financial insight to maximize profitability.

Our attention to detail and passion for analytical strategy are strong assets to growth. Our firm takes pride in diving deeper into the numbers to drive revenue, increase profit margins, and decrease expenses. We specialize in financial organization and reconciliation, bookkeeping, and custom financial analytics.

We are based in the Pacific Northwest, but reach businesses across the United States. Collective Pursuit offers services that encompass a hands-on approach for business owners who want to stay actively involved in financial strategies. We are constantly seeking ways to increase efficiency and innovate financial processing for you.


How It Works:


Reach out & send us a quick recap on your business. Who are you and what do you offer to your customers? How can we best support you?


We will create a services proposal outlining detailed strategies specifically tailored to you. This will include a pricing proposal & estimated time frame to get you up and running.


The next step from here is for us to send you a welcome packet where you will fill in key information that will deepen our insight into your financial organization & goals.


Then, we begin work! The first month is the most involved on your part as we learn the cash flow of your business and manage your accounts. 


Monthly clients will receive end of month statements and analysis at the close of the period. Each quarter, you will receive a full in-depth report with key financial indicators. 

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We are very excited to work with you!

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